Vratza stone

Vratza stone

Vratza stone – well known limestone stone from Bulgaria. It has unique characteristics not only for the outside exterior in a cold or hot weather, but also to use it for the floor.

This stone can be provided with different finishes which gives antique look.



Declared Values

Testing Method

Flexural Strength

Mean Value: 10,8
Lower expected value: 8,4
Standard deviation : 1,5

EN 12372

Slip Resistance

SRV Dry: 61
SRV Wet: 75

EN 14231

Frost Resistance

10,8 MPa

ΕΝ 12371

Resistance to ageing by thermal shock

% variation of weight 0,01 %
%variation of DEM 16 %

EN 14066

Apparent density

2,20 g/m3

EN 1936