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Dip-Tech Digital in Glass Printing Solutions using ceramic inks open unlimited opportunities for creating distinctive and lasting impressions on building façades, windows and interior elements. This unique approach to printing in-glass enables you to integrate enhanced functional performance with your designs and support sustainable architecture. Printing on glass for exterior and interior design opens the way to unlimited creativity, enhanced functionality and outstanding sustainability, enabling unique designs that stand out both in your customers' minds and in their built environment. With Dip-Tech, you can ensure your architectural glass design and enhanced functional performance, including energy efficiency, sun control, privacy levels, and more, last as long as the glass itself.

Digital in-glass printing with ceramic inks is the ideal way to infuse building exteriors and interiors with varied expressions of culture, identity and art, including: Nature-inspired design - Use photorealistic images, graphics, patterns, textures, opacity, transparency, gradients and etch effects in any combination in architectural glass, Communication of messages and information - Leverage printed architectural glass to convey inspirational messages, directional information, and more.

Unique digital in-glass printing technology with ceramic inks supports a wide range of functional requirements, enabling you to enhance your designs with functional performance efficiently, aesthetically and cost-effectively. The high-accuracy, versatile printing process and opportunities to use special-function inks enable you to achieve and control numerous performance factors, including:Light diffusion, Light transmission, Energy efficiency, Sun control, Electrical conductivity, Anti-skid, Privacy levels.

  • Innovative digital in-glass printer that uses ceramic inks - Ideal for both external and internal applications

  • Unmatched print quality - Up to 720 dpi, with micro-drop precision

  • Large glass size - Up to 2.4 x 4.0m 

  • Opacity control - Controls the density of the printed layer

  • Drop-on-demand - Enables edge-to-edge printing

  • It is ideal for applications in commercial and public sites such as shopping mall and office floors, walkways, food service areas, public bathrooms, stairs and ramps

  • Suitable for residential applications including flooring in bathrooms, on stairs, balconies, patios, garden paths, in spas and around pools

  • Can also be used on surfaces such as glass roofs, ceilings and ducts, which are not classified as floors but are accessed for maintenance

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Ceramic printing