AKS 134/00 Notching Saw

AKS 134/00 Notching Saw

  • Variable notching possibilities for mullion and transom combinations, e.g. for curtain walls, conservatories, sky lights, and special designs
  • Precise and safe notching is ensured because the workpiece is fixed and only the saw units move
  • Both saw units are adjusted in height simultaneously by means of a hand wheel (analogue display on the hand wheel)
  • The cutting depth is set using an analogue display
  • Manual angle adjustment of the saw blades using a digital display of the tilting angles
  • Support table with compound slide and pivoting back fence is manually adjustable for optimal use of the cutting range
  • The angle of the pivoting back fence is shown on a digital display
  • Horizontal and vertical profile clamping
  • Automatic working cycle at a 90° pivoting angle (two-hand control when cutting special angles)
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw feed


  • Laser indicator for cutting line
  • Noise protection package